How to count points for Baccarat cards

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  Baccarat cards are considered a gambling game that has been very popular whether it is a casino or online casino. It can be said that any website that does not have baccarat. It is better not to open it. Although the game is easy to play. But there are quite a number of gamblers seeking a Baccarat formula that is so good that they collide with the dealer. But for gamblers, they say that they hardly use any formula at all. Just relying on their weaknesses baccarat can earn a lot of money.

The counting of Baccarat cards is based on the face of the cards that have a number of points starting from A (Aces) = 1, followed by 2 – 9. Part 10, J, Q, K will have a value of 0 (according to the UFABET name of the Baccarat card) as in the picture

How to count points for Baccarat cards

        When counting points, points will be summed from face cards. For example, 3 and 4 will get 7 points, Q and K and 2 will get 2 points because Q and K have a value of 0. But if the sum of points exceeds 9. The unit digits will be used to decide for example: 9 and 5 sum up to 14. But only 4 are the unit digits.

        In deciding whether to lose or win will look at the total points. For example, the player’s side has 8 and 2 cards combined with 11. It is considered that the player’s side has only one point. And the banker side has A and 7 cards together, 8 games, the banker side wins. Because it has superior points. or is the point closest to 9